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Snowshoe activities are great as a solo outdoor experience or with family and friends. Becoming more popular every year, it’s important you find the right shoe to explore your unknowns. Snowshoe activities are performed by all age, fitness levels or expertise. Once outdoors you refresh most of your body while enjoying the winter air and elements.

snowshoe features

To assure you are ordering the best shoe for you, we’ve prepared a list of frequently asked questions:


Which Expedition snowshoe is best for me?

Frame choices – 6061 or 7075 aluminum. 7075 is more lighter and durable with a cost. 6061 is most common giving you the necessary strength.

Binding choices – Ratchet or Quick Set. Ratchet is your traditional binding [Explorer Plus, Expedition Trail]. Expedition Outdoors uses a dual stainless steel spring system to gives near lifetime use. Quick set bindings [Truger Trail, Truger Trail II and Norske] are an easier way of setting your boot into the binding. One pull will set the binding. Another pull releases the binding. All Expedition bindings carry a lifetime warranty. Simply register your snowshoes on warranty page and you are protected. A minimal charge of $7.50 will cover the binding and postage.

Crampon choices – Expedition features two styles – Expedition’s steel standard aggressive crampons [Explorer Plus, Expedition Trail], which are lower profile and perform perfectly on trails, in the woods or lightly rugged terrain. Expedition’s aluminum strong deep bite crampons [Truger Trail, Truger Trail II and Norske] give uses a deep and aggressive bite on the toe and heel. Works best in deep snow, rocky and wooded terrain.

Heel Lift – Expedition’s Truger Trail II include a Heel Lift. The integrated Heel Lift feature keeps your heel centered and quickly alleviates calf strain and fatigue on steeper inclines or while fast trekking. When you are trekking up a steep incline you will benefit from the comfort and efficient functioning of Heel Lift. To use, simply pull up the rubber tab until it clicks into place. Now your foot will rest on the heel lift as you hike up the incline or fast trekking.

Poles – Expedition matches a pair of trekking poles in their kits. Poles are not required but aid you in various situations. Using poles with a snow baskets will provide greater stability on challenging terrain. Trekking poles reduce physical strain on your knees and back while increasing your cardiovascular activity because of your upper body movement. Expedition Outdoors developed a variety of telescoping poles that easily adjust to your height and arm length.

Why do you not offer gender specific snowshoe designs?

Guys and Gals come in all sizes and shapes. Every Expedition Outdoor snowshoe is designed to the match the users height and weight. Simply measure your step stride to match your snowshoe length. Next, consider your weight.  Note, your stride length is equally important as the weight recommendation on our chart.

How do I know which shoe is right or left?

Expedition recommend facing the binding buckles or Quick Set pulls toward the outside of your boot.

Is special footwear needed?

Traditional snow boots or hiking boots work. Wear a well-insulated boot that is comfortable, warm and high on the ankle to prevent snow in the boot.


When you begin to explore your unknowns, you will face several scenarios. It’s best to be educated and prepared.

Weather – know the forecast and current conditions before venturing out. Sudden snow storms or cold fronts can create a negative outcome.

Off-trail trekking – deep snow is fun to trek. Your Expedition snowshoes will give you the ability to explore, encounter and experience numerous unknowns. Beware under the snow are several obstacles that could cause injury or require extra strength and energy. Measure your skills. Once ready, head off trail.

Back country terrain trekking – steep terrain or rolling terrain will require a deep crampon and heel lift, both featured on Truger Trail II. Experience is likely needed for back country trekking. Back country will give you experiences unmeasured, but you must be confident in your skills.

Storage - an easy process, simply assure your snowshoes are dry.  Place your snowshoes in our specially designed carry_storage bag and place a sheet of Bounce if you want.